The "Hermit Park" project has a charity and tutorial objective. A certain part of its profit will be transferred into financing the "Warm Home" social charity foundation programs.

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St. Peter and Paul Church

Russia, Smolensk

St. Peter and Paul Church is the oldest remaining edifice in Smolensk and a fine example of cross-domical architecture which is typical for Kievan Russia and Byzantine. Unlike the Kievans, the Smolensk craftsmen employed brick building technique. Smolensk is not rich in stone, but is abundant of clay, sans and gravel. These features determined not only the technique, but also the architectural forms and decoration of the region's buildings. The church is executed in an austere monumental style. However, thanks to supple in handling brick, it has a refined decoration. St. Peter and Paul Church is consonant with Vladimir-Suzdal architecture and anticipates that of early Moscow.