The "Hermit Park" project has a charity and tutorial objective. A certain part of its profit will be transferred into financing the "Warm Home" social charity foundation programs.

Foundation in detail

Church of Ioann Bogoslov

Russia, Rostov, Yaroslavl Oblast

Rostov Velikiy, i.e. Rostov the Great, is a small Russian town with a history of more than a thousand years long. Its wooden architecture dates back to the early days of the town's foundation, and till present most of the town buildings remain wooden. A single wooden church that has survived through the centuries is a church of the Saint Apostle and Evangelist Ioann Bogoslov that was built between 1687 and 1689. The church submitted to the Avraam Monastery of Rostov. In the 19th century, a bell tower was raised near the church. The church used to have a covered gallery that remained on northern and eastern sides; its interior decoration is simple but elegant. The entrance is decorated with a carved portal; gallery facades and windows are also covered with a carved pattern. However, the most elaborate carved decoration of the church is its major Tzar gates.