The "Hermit Park" project has a charity and tutorial objective. A certain part of its profit will be transferred into financing the "Warm Home" social charity foundation programs.

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Chambers of Prince Dimitriy

Russia, Uglich, Yaroslavl Oblast

The Uglich Kremlin that stands on the right bank of the Volga River used to be the ancient city center. The Kremlin walls hide behind them the palace of Grand Duke, the major city cathedral, chambers of Duke's confidants and different services. The stone chambers of Andrei Bolshoi (younger brother of Grand Duke Ivan III) built in 1480s is the town's oldest monument and a fine example of Russian civil architecture. The palace used to be residence of Uglish dukes and governors. In 1584 the wife of Ivan the Terrible and his son prince Dimitriy moved to live there. After Dimitriy had been murdered, the palace was named after him.