The "Hermit Park" project has a charity and tutorial objective. A certain part of its profit will be transferred into financing the "Warm Home" social charity foundation programs.

Foundation in detail

Winter Palace

Russia, St. Petersburg

Built by Francesco-Bartolomeo Rastrelli in 1754-1762, the Winter Palace is one of the most amazing monuments of the Russian baroque style. The three-floor building is constructed in two circles, and each facade has its own design: the Nevsky facade resembles an extended two-circle colonnade; the southern that faces the Palace Square has a distinct center marked with a three-arch entrance to the yard; the eastern and the western facades carry the emphasized front risalits. Roof parapet and risalit frontons are decorated with numerous sculptures. The color scheme is also remarkable - green walls, white columns and window edgings, dark yellow capitals and modeling, black sculptures, make altogether a fantastic impression.