The "Hermit Park" project has a charity and tutorial objective. A certain part of its profit will be transferred into financing the "Warm Home" social charity foundation programs.

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Tuchkov Bridge

Russia, St. Petersburg

The original Tuchkov Bridge was built of wood across the Malaya Neva around 1758, and was named after local businessman Avraam Tuchkov who owned warehouses near the bridge and also financed its construction. The wooden bridge used to be the longest of the city bridges in the 18th century.  The most recent bridge reconstruction took place from 1962-1965 and included the creation of three reinforced concrete spans with a 50-meter-wide draw span in the middle of the Malaya Neva, flanked on each side by 73 meter spans. Modern Tuchkov Bridge spans a total length of 216 meters. The new bridge was designed in a simple and strict modern style, and it represents the widest bridge in Saint Petersburg with a roadway of 28 meters and sidewalks of 4 meters.