We are a recently started project, and everything that is going on now and will happen in future will find its reflections in this page. Different concerts and holidays, carnivals and actions will take place in the park and  will definitely be interesting both for children and  adults! Come and find out more!  Just to be aware!

The "Hermit Park" project has a charity and tutorial objective. A certain part of its profit will be transferred into financing the "Warm Home" social charity foundation programs.

Foundation in detail

  • 06/23/2006

    "Feel yourselves as Gulliver"

    St.-Peterburg musters want to adorn Strelna with the diminished copies of the architectural masterpieces.

    On the average tourist comes to St.-Petersburg for 2-3 days. One usually visits the Hermitage, the Russian Museum and The Mariinskiy theatre, walks in the centre of the city, visits Peterhof or Tsarskoye Selo, goes out in a boat. Tourists do not spend much money in St.-Petersburg. Why? Because there is no Disneyland or another super attraction which could seduce children and adults as well. If St.-Petersburg misses an Eduard Matushkin’s idea tourists do not stay too long in St.-Petersburg.

    Don’t create a motorbike!
    The idea of the project “Hermit Park’ was born 5 years ago when Mr. Matushkin with family visited an Austrian park of the architectural miniatures. There are many famous architectural masterpieces in a 1:25 scale model. A real not little facilities are in this park. Just for example The Eyfeleva tower’s high is 12 meters and there are many plastic people on this tower and near it too. There were too much guests in the Austrian park “Minimudus” and after the returning home Mr. Matushkin started to count. He is an economist, he made a business-plan of the same project in St.-Petersburg but he was cast down. The main source of income are the inhabitances of the city. That time the inhabitance were not to rich…
    - At first I decided to stop my job,- he said
    Time goes by and Russians became more rich and successful in their business. Mr. Matushkin returned to his idea. He visited the same parks abroad. Nowadays there are more than 40 parks in the world. He developed a conception of the St.-Petersburg park in details. “Don’t create a motorbike!- he says. But he also added some original ideas to the “motorbike”. According to Mr. Matushkin “Hermit park” has an entertaining and teaching functions. He decided to show the old centre of the city. The Director of the Museum of the history of St.-Petersburg Mr. Boris Arakcheev helped him much. Just try to imagine the future project!! A 5 meters broach of St.-Petersburg, little ships which tie up the Vasilyevskiy island.
    The Cathedral of St. Peter will be the firs architectural object I this park. Mr. Matushkin said, that the work would start in July. The Cathedral will be in a 1:25 scale model. This work is very hard and laborious. If this 5 meters cathedral will be very expensive (thou Mr. Matushking knows that the creation of the architectural miniatures is very expensive work) the idea of the project can be postponed.

    Hermits. Who are them?
    The historical centre of St.-Petersburg is not the only one project of the “Hermit Park”. In the thematic zone, which is devoted to Russia other survived and not survived architectural masterpieces will be placed. For example there is an idea to create a Suhorevskaya tower, which was built in Moscow in 1695 by Peter the Great and was destroyed in 1934. There is an idea to create the Egyptian Pyramids, the Pisan tower, the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome and many others. It was decided to make a sound accompaniment: tolling of bells, songs, which little nation of the “Hermit park” sing. A Tale!
    - A tale can not be alive without Hermits! – said Mr. Matushkin,- Have you ever met them in your childhood?
    Hermits are the most wonderful creatures of Mr. Matushkin and his company. There are elf’s, gnomes, trolls in the same parks who meet guests and help them in the park, they also act as guides. Mr. Matushkin opened that St.-Petersburg has not its own tale. The tale was created and Hermits were born. It is said that they originate from the European house-spirits – feyri, which were brought to Russia with Peter the Great. In Russia they mixed with Russian house-spirits and Hermits were appeared. Hermits – is very funny and prankish nation. Mr. Matushkin said that they suggested to create a Hermitage to Catherine the Great. It is said that sometimes children could see them.
    The “Hermit Park” project excites curiosity of the International Association of the parks of the architectural miniatures. Mr. Matushkin thinks that a neglected ground near the Konstantinovskiy palace in Strelna is the best place for the park. The directorate of the palace studied the project and was interested in it. Thou there is no any official confirmation. The most expensive thing is a building of the engineering constructions and a creation of the landscape. It is necessary to join everyone’s power. This project allows people to visit other countries and to see the architectural masterpieces within the bounds of St.-Petersburg.