We are a recently started project, and everything that is going on now and will happen in future will find its reflections in this page. Different concerts and holidays, carnivals and actions will take place in the park and  will definitely be interesting both for children and  adults! Come and find out more!  Just to be aware!

The "Hermit Park" project has a charity and tutorial objective. A certain part of its profit will be transferred into financing the "Warm Home" social charity foundation programs.

Foundation in detail

  • 07/18/2006

        The lion is very bright and content. Its body is depicted with flowers – symbols of different countries. Camomile which is the biggest flower is the symbol of Russia. 20 thousand dollars was the first price on the auction. The participants of “Junior Summit” decided how to spend all takings from the auction. The representatives of the St.-Petersburg and Moscow companies, businessmen and private persons participated in the auction.
        The “Open technology” company is the winner of the auction. Its representative Mr. Konstantin Gebenev signed an obligation to transfer 50 thousand dollars to the account of the Scientific-Practical Center of the FGU Republican Infectious Hospital which helps to the HIV children and pregnant. In St.-Petersburg a peculiar record was achieved. In fact in 2005 in Moscow on the Cow’s parade the highest price - 38 000 euro was given for the Andrey Makarevich’s cow. The auction was made by the organizers of the action “The parade of lions” “The World Wide Club of Petersburgers ” and the “Hermit park” company. To look the report by the program “Vesti”:

    The initiator of the action the participant of the “Youthful G8”  a resident of St.-Petersburg Kirill draws the symbol of Russia – a chamomile.

    Children color the Sunny Lion

    What a wonderful lion!!

      The participants of the “Junior Summit” present the Sunny lion to the participants of the auction.

    Everything is ready for the auction. The president of “The World Wide Club of Petersburgers ” Valentina Trofimovna Orlova conducts an auction

    The participants of the charity auction.
      The winner of the auction Konsatntin Gebenev who is the representative of the “Open technology” company.

    The sigh of the Obligation by the winner of the auction and organizers of the parade.