We are a recently started project, and everything that is going on now and will happen in future will find its reflections in this page. Different concerts and holidays, carnivals and actions will take place in the park and  will definitely be interesting both for children and  adults! Come and find out more!  Just to be aware!

The "Hermit Park" project has a charity and tutorial objective. A certain part of its profit will be transferred into financing the "Warm Home" social charity foundation programs.

Foundation in detail

  • 01/25/2006


    World Wide Club of Saint Petersburg Citizens, “Protection of Children” Charitable Fund, and “Hermit Park” launch the “Lion parade” charitable program for Saint-Petersburg in 2006.
    The tradition to held charitable programs like this is a recent one, and is even less then 10 years old. Many cities of the world are familiar with bear, turtle, cow and even pig parades. Perhaps, many of you have seen Cow Parade in Moscow in 2005. That time promoters of the action succeeded in gathering more than 3000 thousand euro to finance charitable programs for supporting children.
    We decided that lions are the best to correspond to the image and the spirit of our city, which proves that stone and bronze lions are easy to find in big avenues and glamorous facades, as well as in hidden spots of Saint-Petersburg and its historic suburbs. When taking a walk along the city streets, we can drop on a lion almost everywhere.
    Lion’s sculpture for the parade was modeled from sculptures of watch lions in the Elagin Palace on Elagin Island that Karl Rossi put by the Palace's main entrance. As for them, these lions were modeled from bronze lions of the Lion Cascade in Peterhof. The lions in Elagin Island were the first cast-iron watch lions to settle in Saint-Petersburg. Models of lions for the parade will be of the same size, made of plastic, and painted by children, artists and famous Saint-Petersburg citizens according to the sketches chosen by a special Arts Committee; then the lions will be shown off. In winter time, lions will stay in big shops, cinemas, and business centers; but as warm and sunny days come, lions will go out into city streets and parks.
    Information on the places where you can meet lions, on the Lion Parade activities, the rules of the Parade, as well as other news will be available on the Lion Parade official web-site
    www.leospb.ru and press-releases and publications of information partners of the project.
    The most outstanding lions will be nominated by judges and city citizens, and the Lion Parade web-site will be available for your on-line balloting
    At the end of the year 2006, a charitable auction will be held, where everyone will have an opportunity to acquire any lion. The “Lion Parade” is a charitable program; that is why money gathered from it will be put into financing programs for supporting talented children, and homeless and neglected children carried out by “Protection of Children” Charitable Fund and World Wide Club of Saint-Petersburg Citizens.
    All information on the action and parade rules are available on the Lion Parade official web-site
    www.leospb.ru and web-sites of Lion Parade promoters in Saint-Petersburg.